The Match-Made Pack


My name is Russ Maynard, owner of Blackstream Custom Cycle, Chair of Paws on Parade Committee, and member of the Bangor Humane Society Board of Directors. 

I applaud you for joining our efforts for our 25th Anniversary of Paws on Parade! Part of making your team this year, you will be asked to join a pack.   

It is a great honor for me to lead one of the two packs for Paws on Parade 2018. This year, I am leading the "Match Made Pack”. The money raised under our pack will be used to fund the direct care of the animals that show up at our facility. This money will take them from the front door at admission, through their stay with us, and help send them out the door on their journey to their new forever loving homes!

The funds raised under our pack will have a direct impact on our animals stay at BHS. These funds will feed,house, and provide direct staff care for animals in need of a new, loving home. The “Match Made Pack” is really the meat and  potatoes of our organization!

I hope you  understand the impact you will have on the total success of this years Paws by joining The Match Made Pack. Your team, under our Pack, will help provide the financial support needed to find our homeless pets a forever loving home.

I would like to thank you in advance for choosing “The Match Made Pack."

 I look forward to the most successful Paws since it’s conception!!  We all have this!!


Russ Maynard